7th Edition

We have now selected our 2016 winners

Best Ideas in the PhD category:

1st Prize (3.000€): Miguel Duarte (University Institute of Lisbon) - "Bringing Artificial Intelligence for Swarm Robotics Systems to the Real World"

2nd Prize (1.500€): Helena Pereira (University of Coimbra) - "Non-Invasive Assessment of Cardiovascular Condition using Vibro-Accelerometric Devices"

3rd Prize (1.000€): Marco Santos (University of Aveiro) - "The new concept model is instrumented active orthopedic implants"


Best Ideas in the MSc Category:

1st Prize (2.000€): Pedro Parreira (IST-Lisbon University) - "Novel Spatial Interaction Techniques for Exploring 3D Medical Images"


2nd Prize (1.000€): Bernardo Marques (University of Aveiro) - "Physiology assessment tool using Virtual Reality"


3rd Prize (500€): Jorge Lima (University of Porto) - "Argumentation in the Resolution of Passenger Problems using Mobile Devices"


Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge - 7th edition

We have now entered the 7th edition of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, an initiative from Fraunhofer AICOS, whose main objective is to reward the scientific investigation with “practical utility” in Portuguese Universities.



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge Presentation