Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2018

Previous winners

Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2017


1st Place – Nuno Almeida (Universidade de Aveiro) – "Multimodal Interaction: Contributions to Simplify Application Development"

2nd Place – Nuno Moniz (Universidade do Porto) – "Prediction and Ranking of Highly Popular Web Content"

3rd Place – José Sousa (Universidade de Trás-dos-Montes e Alto Douro) – "Using Drones in Road Accidents Investigation: Viability Assessment & Methodology proposal"



1st Place – Rafael Simões (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) – "Automated Measurement of Lesion Charge and Cerebral Volume in the Study of Multiple Sclerosis"

2nd Place – João Monteiro (Universidade do Porto) – "Improving Health Communication and Personal Information Management"

3rd Place – João Ferrão (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) – "Low-Cost Colorimetric Enzyme-Free Biosensors for Glucose Detection"



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2016


1st Place – Miguel Duarte (Intituto Universitário de Lisboa) – "Bringing Artificial Intelligence for Swarm Robotics Systems to the Real World"

2nd Place – Helena Pereira (Universidade de Coimbra) – "Non-Invasive Assessment of Cardiovascular Condition using Vibro-Accelerometric Devices"

3rd Place – Marco Santos (Universidade de Aveiro) – "The new concept model is instrumented active orthopedic implants"



1st Place – Pedro Parreira (IST - Universidade de Lisboa) – "Novel Spatial Interaction Techniques for Exploring 3D Medical Images"

2nd Place – Bernardo Marques (Universidade de Aveiro) "Physiology assessment tool using Virtual Reality"

3rd Place – Jorge Lima (Universidade do Porto) – "Argumentation in the Resolution of Passenger Problems using Mobile Devices"



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2015


1st Place – Sérgio Lopes (Universidade de Aveiro)  “Bringing low-cost centimeter-level indoor positioning to conventional smartphones”

2nd Place – Mário Vairinhos (Universidade de Aveiro) – “ATA – Adaptable Tangible Artifacts in Home Environment”

3rd Place – Hoang Van Xiem (IST/Universidade de Lisboa) “A Novel Scalable Video Coding Solution Combining the Predictive and Distributed Paradigms”



1st Place – Bruno Ribeiro (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) – “SYPEC: Development of New Algorithms of Postural Classification and Correction”

2nd Place – Diana Batista (IST/Universidade de Lisboa) – “Pervasive ECG monitoring and analysis: a cloud computing approach for user-centered healthcare”

3rd Place – João Felício (IST/Universidade de Lisboa)  “Wideband Body-Implantable Antenna for Short-Range High Data Rate Communication”



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2014


1st Place – Paulo de Melo (Instituto Superior Técnico)  “A Novel Functional Electrical Stimulation System and Strategies for Motor Rehabilitation”

2nd Place – Gilberto Bernardes (Universidade do Porto) – “earGram: Composing Music by Selection”

3rd Place – Pydi Ganga (Universidade do Porto) – “Transparent and/or flexible low-cost electronics with a-GIZO TFTs”



1st Place – Ricardo Eleutério (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) – “Microwave Imaging of the Axilla to Aid Breast Cancer Diagnosis”

2nd Place – Anna Pompili (Instituto Superior Técnico) – “Speech and language technologies for aphasia therapy”

3rd Place – Karen Duarte (Universidade de Coimbra) – “SmartGuia: Shopping Assistant for Blind People”



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2013


1st Place – Ricardo Campos (Universidade do Porto) – “Disambiguating Implicit Temporal Queries for Temporal Information Retrieval Applications”

2nd Place – António Castro (Universidade do Porto) – “A New Approach to Disruption Management in Airline Operations Control”

3rd Place – João Guimarães (Universidade do Minho) – “A precision grammar for programming biological systems”



1st Place – André Santiago (Instituto Superior Técnico) – “Broadband UHF RFID Passive Tag Antenna for Near-Body Operation”

Place – André Mourão2nd (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) – “NovaEmotions: Enabling affective-interaction in computer applications"

3rd Place – Inês Machado (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) – “Is There Hidden Information in My Movement?”



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2012


1st Place – Samuel Silva (Universidade de Aveiro) – “Left Ventricle Functional Analysis from Coronary CT Angiography”

2nd Place – Gabriel Pires (Universidade do Minho) – “The effective use of brain-computer interfaces in real-world applications”

3rd Place – José Silva (Universidade de Coimbra) – “Rapid Prototyping of Ubiquitous Computing Environments”



1st Place – Sara Pimenta (Universidade do Minho) – “ABO and Rh Human Blood Typing Device”

2nd Place – Mafalda Rocha (Universidade de Aveiro) – “Eco-visualization in Design”



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2011


1st Place – Daniel Polónia (Universidade de Aveiro) – “Electronic marketplace for teleradiology services”

2nd Place – Navin Kumar (Universidade de Aveiro) – “Visible light communication systems for road safety applications”

3rd Place – Rui Barbosa (Universidade do Minho) – “The intelligent hedge fund”



1st Place – Ricardo Fernandes (UA) – “Design of a battery-free wireless sensor node”

2nd Place – Flávio Sousa (UTL-IST) – “A portable stochastic forest fire modeling tool”

3rd Place – Waldir Pimenta (Universidade do Minho) – “Automated Face Recognition using 3D Shape Extracted from 2D Images”



Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2010


1st Place – Ana Ferreira (FCUP) – “Modelling Access Control for Healthcare Information Systems: How to control access through policies, human processes and legislation”

2nd Place – Gabriel Fernandes (UC-DEEC) – “Parallel Algorithms and Architectures for LDPC Decoding”



1st Place – Augusto Esteves (UMA) – “Tangible User Interfaces and Embodied Cognition”

2nd Place – David Navalho (UNL-FCT) – “Unified Cooperative Location System”

3rd Place – Rui Marinho (UMinho) – “Uma abordagem visual ao Processo Clínico Electrónico”