10th edition

Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2019

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The application period ended on July 31st 2019.  



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Get to know all the previous winners and the themes of their theses, as well as the jury panels since the 1st edition, back in 2010.


Success beyond the Challenge

We catch up with some past edition participants who have gone on to do great things since participating.

9th edition

PhD winners of 2018

1st prize

Sanaz Asgarifar


Institution: Universidade do Algarve

Thesis: “Novel Treatment of Glioblastoma Brain Tumour using Bioelectronic Devices”

2nd prize

Rodrigo Bruno


Institution: Instituto Superior Técnico da Universidade de Lisboa

Thesis: "novaVM - Enhanced Java Virtual Machine for Big Data Applications"

3rd prize

Filipa Ferrada


Institution: Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Thesis: "A Modeling Framework for Assessing Emotions in Collaborative Networks"

9th edition

MSc winners of 2018

1st prize

Ana Correia


Institution: Universidade do Minho

Thesis: “Functional Electrical Stimulation System for Drop Foot Correction: an AI-based approach”


2nd prize

Carolina Gouveia


Institution: Universidade de Aveiro

Thesis: “Bio-Radar”

3rd prize

José Dias


Institution: Universidade do Minho

Thesis: “New Generation of Green Printed Lithium-Ion Batteries”